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PureVision Contact Lenses

If you're looking for great prices on PureVision look no further.  eLens is committed to bringing you the best price on PureVision contact lenses available on the internet. PureVision contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb Contact Lenses are monthly disposable contacts designed to be worn as a daily lens for up to a month and discarded. Some patients may be able to wear Purevision contact lens continuously for up to a month, even wearing them while they sleep. Disposable lenses minimize the possibility of irritated eyes from deposits built up on your lenses, making PureVision contacts a good choice for patients new to wearing contact lenses.. PureVision lenses are manufactured with an optical design to correct spherical aberration, giving you optimal visual quality. For added convenience, PureVision Monthly Disposable contacts are made with a light tint that won’t change the color of your eyes, but merely assists you in the handling and application of your lenses. PureVision contact lenses are made of balafilcon A with a water content of 36%.

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Purevision Contact Lenses