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Focus Night & Day Contact Lenses

If you're looking for great prices on Focus Night & Day look no further.  eLens is committed to bringing you the best price on Focus Night & Day contact lenses available on the internet. Focus Night & Day contact lenses, made of lotrafilcon A with a water content of 24%, from CIBA Vision Contact Lenses erase the need for daily removal and cleaning, giving you thirty days of uninterrupted, natural vision. Monthly Disposable contacts will guarantee clean, fresh lenses and perfect vision. They allow your eyes to breathe all day and all night long. Acuvue Night & Days allow six times the oxygen reach your eyes than a normal soft contact lens. They are the ultimate in convenience, affording you the advantage of wearing your contact lenses day and night for up to thirty days. Fret no more about the daily hassle of removing and cleaning your contacts. These lenses work nicely for those with the traveling bug. Going camping for a week? Leaving on a business trip? Focus Night and Day contact lens let you have the continuous, hassle-free vision that is compatible with an always-on-the-go lifestyle. You can also wear Focus Night & Day contact lenses as a daily lens, wearing them only while you are awake.

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Focus Night and Day Contact Lenses